Hoopers Health @ Strive Health Club

Based at Strive in St Peter we offer a unique concept in sports and exercise medical care, to promote, support and encourage a healthy sporting Island.

Whether you are a professional sportsperson or the occasional golfer, an Olympic athlete or a sunday runner, whatever your age, whatever your sport, whether you perform or are just thinking of getting moving, Nick Hooper has the qualifications, experience and knowledge to help you become healthier through exercise and at the same time prevent and treat injury. We are here to accurately diagnose, treat and guide you through a complete individualised rehabilitation process, returning you stronger and fitter to your chosen activity.

We can show you how and when to exercise safely, prevent and treat injury, evaluate your level of fitness and to give you access to the very latest in Sports Medicine right here in Jersey.

Hoopers Health Sports Massage ( Deep Tissue Massage ) is for everyone involved in exercise, for all sports, for all ages, from the recreational amateur to the elite professional athlete.

For more details, call 07797732099 Email nickhooper@hotmail.com