Corporate Onsite Massage

Massage at work can be flexible, easy and cost effective

This is, on the whole where we spend a good proportion of our time and energy. On-site chair massage is fast becoming a popular and effective part of the working day for many reasons.

It’s easy, there’s no disruption, it doesn’t take long, there are no oils, you are fully clothed, seated in an ergonomically designed chair to help alleviate those aches & pains. Concentrating on ‘key’ stress carrying areas of the body including back, neck, shoulders as well as re-energising you for the rest of the day.

The purpose is really to relax muscles, rest the mind, soothe away aches and pains by promoting better circulation throughout your body including the cardiovascular, respiratory and the body’s defence system.

Both gentle and non-invasive, this kind of massage incorporates a mix of both oriental acupressure & traditional massage techniques that are undoubtedly relaxing and invigorating. A technique that releases tension and anxiety, working on pressure points to stimulate blood supply and increase energy, which takes approximately 15 minutes – ideal for the workplace.

Chair massage is also a great add-on as an ‘energising’ break at exhibitions, conferences or special events, whether for your existing or prospective clients.

The benefits of chair massage:

  • End of a busy period
  • Staff Fun Days / Corporate Events
  • Christmas Treat
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Staff Incentive
  • Company Transitions

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